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It's the André here

My name is André and I am a full stack developer with a previous career in business, that allows me to translate business needs to the technology world

I am a developer and a teacher from Lisbon 🇵🇹. I have an atypical path. I studied marketing and advertising and have worked in event management, business development and sales, building management, and also, at one point, at a bar. So yeah, not your usual developer story.

Truth is I have always been more fascinated by technology and computers than anything else. From an early age I fell in love with computers and always wanted to, eventually, learn coding. Then in my business career I always felt frustrated because I could not build the ideas and projects I had in my mind.

A few years later I have worked hard and turned myself into a developer, a freelancer, a tinkerer that keeps building new exciting ideas (at least for me). I have built projects for clients in the US, UK and Germany, in industries like e-commerce, finance and consulting.

On top of all this, I am a teacher for Ironhack in its remote bootcamp where I try to help students break into the industry that has always fascinated me. I try to pass not only the skills but also the excitement for this life and promising career path


Interested in Amsterdam

Currently looking to move to my 4th European capital, after Berlin, Paris and Lisbon"


1.5 years experience

Been coding for 1.5 years working and teaching code, while freelancing and always learning new technologies


Business and Marketing

With a background in Marketing and experience in business in 3 different countries with multiple startups in varied stages


Here are some technologies that I’ve worked with and have been trying to master

  • All
  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • Framework
  • Library
  • Language
  • The ReactJs Logo
  • The HTML5 Logo
  • The GatsbyJs Logo
  • The Bootstrap Logo
  • The Chakra-Ui Logo
  • The Styled Components Logo
  • The Material Ui LogoMaterial Ui is a Component UI Framework created by Google
  • The GraphQL Logo
  • The NodeJS Logo
  • The NestJs Logo
  • The Shopify LogoThe e-commerce platform I've used with my clients
  • The NextJs Logo
  • The Typescript Logo
  • The Javascript Logo


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